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On a daily basis, health care  professionals use a wide vary of provides for patient care. That’s why hospitals depend upon Acute Health Mart ® and our health care distributor services for delivering medical supply inventory once and wherever it’s needed.

Wholesale distributing of health care product is at the center of Acute Health Mart ®—it’s the foundation of our business. we take great pride in having a worldwide presence as a health care distributor. we attain this by putting our customers’ desires first. Our logistics management processes facilitate customers lower prices and reduce complexity while increasing visibility in their own supply chains. And our people work tirelessly to make sure our delivery method is correct, on time and aware of specific necessities.


We know all concerning the medical supply distribution business within and out. It’s the results of decades of trade leadership and innovation. Our infrastructure is broad and well-supported by dozens of warehouses spread through our the world, delivery trucks, and supplier relationships. however even more impressive are the type and diligent people behind the deliveries.


Beyond the medical supply inventories, fleets and analytics are our over 30,000 workers who go on top of and beyond each and every day. They share a mission to urge the majority distribution job done right and on time, despite what challenges they’ll face. because they know there’s a baby, a grandparent or a best friend depending on the medical supplies and product we deliver